Airstream® Plus Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (S-Series), TUV NORD Certified to EN 12469

The World's Leading Energy Efficient, Quiet and Compact Biosafety Cabinet

Airstream® Plus boasts having excellent features of Airstream® Gen 3 upgraded with the latest technology for more energy savings, superior protection and comfort. Equipped with the new LED Lamp and Dual Energy Efficient DC ECM Motor, Airstream® Plus is probably the most energy efficient Class II Biological Safety Cabinet in the world. Added with optional hydrogen peroxide injection port for easier decontamination process and the latest advancements in technology, Airstream® Plus is a must in your laboratory.

Airstream® Plus (S-Series) is made with a single-piece work tray for a continuous surface.


Key Benefits

✔ Energy efficient, Dual DC ECM Blower

✔ Stable, self-compensating airflow

✔ Improved user comfort due to low noise and ergonomic design

✔ TUV NORD Certified to EN 12469



  • Equipped with ULPA filter which provides better filtration than HEPA filter at >99.999% typical efficiency at MPPS, H14 as per EN 1822 EU
  • Dual Energy Efficient DC ECM Motor that offers 70% energy savings compared to AC Motor.
  • Optional U15 filter with 99.999% efficiency which creates ISO Class 3 work zone.
  • HPV / VHP ports ready.
  • Motorized sliding window with aerosol tight gasket prevents aerosols from flowing through gasket.
  • Dual DC ECM blowers provide compensating (independent inflow and downflow blowers) to produce stable airflow and optimize filter loading.
  • ISOCIDEā„¢ coating of external surfaces eliminates 99.9% of attached bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.
  • Sentinel Platinum Microprocessor Controller that displays all important information, centered and angled down for easy reach and viewing; fast and reliable operation.
  • Unique Stainless Steel and Glass Hybrid Wall (E-series) which is easy to clean
  • Energy efficient LED lamp that is brighter and lasts 4x longer than standard fluorescent lamp
  • Ergonomically angled front improves reach and comfort.
  • Available in 1.2m (4'), 1.5m (5'), 1.8m (6') sizes