Airstream® Reliant Class II Type A2
Biological Safety Cabinet

Probably The World's Most Advanced Energy Efficient, Quiet, and Compact Biosafety Cabinet.

Protect lab personnel, sample and the environment with Esco’s newest addition to its range of world-class biosafety cabinets, Airstream® Reliant Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets. With Esco’s more than 35 years of expertise in cabinet design, Airstream® Reliant is designed with energy efficiency, robustness, comfort and ergonomics.

Airstream® Reliant utilizes ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters which operate a a typical efficiency of 99.999%, 10x more efficient that HEPA filters. It features a single-piece coved stainless steel without any screws and connectors making is easy to clean. Comfort is at maximum with its raised arm rest which helps prevent grilled blocking while providing operators with comfortable working position.


Key Benefits

✔ Energy and Space Saving

✔ Easy to use analog switches and UV timer

✔ Analog Night Setback Mode

✔ Large Safety Margin

✔ Ergonomic and comfortable low noise



  • Expert Airflow Design for Maximum Effectiveness.
  • ULPA Filter with 99.999% efficiency against 0.3µm particles, 99.995% filter efficiency for MPPS at 0.1µm improves safety. This creates ISO Class 3 work zone instead of industry-standard ISO Class 5.
  • Angled supply matches cabinet profile to achieve best downflow uniformity and containment.
  • Advanced DC ECM blower that provide stable airflow despite building voltage fluctuation and increased filter loading.
  • ISOCIDE antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination.
  • Ergonomically angled front improves reach and prevent ceiling lamp reflection.
  • Easy to clean coved one-piece work surface which contains spillage, and angled drain pan with smooth polished corners.
  • Easily adjustable UV timer that doesn’t require the operator to manually turn off UV lamp.

    *According to American Standard IEST-RP-CC001, equivalent to HEPA H14 for EU-Standard EN1822